Friday, January 09, 2009


Patrick Swayze checked into a hospital Friday morning with pneumonia. The actor has been undergoing treatment for inoperable stage-four pancreatic cancer.Swayze's hospitalization came shortly before he was scheduled to meet with TV critics and journalists at the TV Critics Assn.'s winter press tour in Universal City at noon Friday to promote his new series for A&E "The Beast."

A&E president and GM Robert DeBitetto opened the network's presentation by saying, "Patrick has asked that I tell you that this morning he checked himself into the hospital for observation. Chemotherapy can take its toll on the immune system, and illnesses are a part of that. Patrick wishes me to tell you that he's very sorry he cannot attend, but plans to get back to promoting 'The Beast' soon. He thanks everybody for the outpouring of support. We hope to see him back on his feet soon."

For complete coverage of A&E's TCA panel, see the Live Feed.

Michael Jackson is my hero.

Seriously, he could be dead at this point, and this could be some impersonator. I mean really, when was the last time you actually saw his face?? I love that even though his entire head is wrapped like a mummy, yet he still has to wear his shades. Classy dude.

Happy New Year!

Hey guys,

Sorry I've been such a slacker about updating my website lately, the news was a little slow and with the lack of Tim Riley on the show I've spent my mornings perusing 'actual' news sites instead of my usual gossip sites. That being said, now that things are flowing a bit more smoothly I shall be back to entertain with any hilarious pictures or anectdotes I can scrounge up for you fine folks. Okay, I'm off to do that, but in the meantime please to be wasting countless hours playing this game, it is AWESOME:

Thanks, Frank!