Friday, January 18, 2008

I can't put it any better than the National Enquirer: "Eminem starting to look like an M&M"

He looks like a puffy man-lady.

As long as it's important enough for the Scientologists to keep taking it down, I'm going to keep posting it.

p.s. Tom Cruise wants you to die, "S.P.'s".


Star Trek trailer online!

You can watch it here. And here. And also here.

I know what movie me & the fam are going to this Christmas! (...and yes, I'm aware I'm a nerd. It's totally the greatest movie year ever!!)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh. My. God.

Proof that Britney Spears isn't pregnant.

....this is really, really gross....

...are you sure you want to look??

...okay, here it is....





(thanks, Squid!)

Quick quick!!

All of the other parts of this six-part Scientology series have already been taken down from YouTube, so watch this before it's taken down again! (If you're short on time fast-forward to the last couple of minutes... the Tom Cruise intro is RIDICULOUS)


...also, in case you'd like a brief recap on just what it is that Scientologists believe in, here is South Park to explain it to you. Yes, I know it's South Park, but this is 100% what they believe in. Woo!

These are the greatest sunglasses I've ever seen.

They are probably $500 but I heart them, and someday I will make them mine. I know that this isn't celebrity gossip, but hey! It's Kirsten Dunst looking moderately attractive modeling them!
Okay, I got nothing.

Sex and the City movie poster!!

This poster is fabulous and tacky and wonderful and I am SO excited for this goddamn movie!

Britney out shopping last night. Speaking in a British accent. Wearing no pants.

Yup yup.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

He needs to get a stylist.

Now, I think that some men can pull off the stache, but Seth Green is not one of those people. This guy can pull it off:
Seth Green cannot.


Okay, this is the greatest thing ever.

If you've read my blog before, you know that I am a HUGE Lost fan. The new season premieres on Thursday, January 31st (at 8pm!), and I am so stoked for it. The above video is a summary of the past three seasons of Lost told in 8 minutes and 15 seconds (which is super nerdy because the plane they all crashed in was Oceanic Air, Flight 815). It's pretty genius, so if you want to start watching the new season but don't want to spend the hundreds of hours catching up here's your chance to do it a little over eight minutes.


What the fuck?

Britney out with douchey paparazzi guy last night. I don't even have words anymore.


...oh, and possibly pregnant. Yes. I am serious.

This is from the other day when she was shopping at Rite Aid with douchey; they are stills from a video someone took & they released it today. Good grief.


Brad Renfro, the former child actor who starred in movies like The Client, Sleepers, and Apt Pupil, was found dead at a Los Angeles apartment on Tuesday. No cause of death has been announced, but the 25-year-old Tennessee native had struggled with substance abuse problems in recent years, including an arrest for heroin possession in 2005.

After rising to fame acting opposite Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones in the 1994 John Grisham adaptation The Client, Renfro worked steadily for a decade, including a stint as Huck Finn in Disney's 1995 feature Tom and Huck. More recently, he appeared in the independent films Bully and Ghost World, and he has a part in the upcoming adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' The Informers.


...If you've never seen Apt Pupil you should check it out... It is totally disturbing and pretty messed up, but an interesting film nonetheless. Find out more info about it here

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tom Cruise is bonkers.

Quick, before the crazy Scientologists have it taken down again!

Open letter to Britney Spears.

Dear Britney,

I think it's time for you to say good-bye. No, not to your children - you already took care of that when you locked yourself in the bathroom holding one of them hostage, didn't show up for numerous court-dates to retain custody of said children, and neglected to show up in court yesterday for the last chance you had to get visitation rights.

No, not to your family - you've cut them out long ago, along with anyone who cared about the future of your life and career, only to replace them with creepy paparazzi dudes who spend their lives following you around and making money off of taking pictures of your vagina.

No, not to your career - that is long-gone, along with your figure, fashion-sense, sense of rhythm (see: "come-back" on the VMA's), your personal hygiene, your hair, your fake nails, your underwear, and your sanity.

No, Britney, I think it's time that you say good-bye to your life, that is, the way you live it. What are you doing? You spend your time shopping so the paparazzi can follow you, neglecting your children, taking multiple drugs, stripping naked in stores to try on clothes, flashing your vagina, shaving your head, talking in a British accent, screaming your head off at the people who follow you around taking your picture even though YOU - yes, you - call them in advance to let them know where you are and then eventually date them, and all-around just distract us from actual problems in the world. You have become such a crazy human being that you are constantly in the news, and until you remove yourself from the spotlight it's never going to stop.

Now, I'm not saying that I want you to die - in fact, I want you to get better. However, in doing that, I feel that you should get better far, far away - out of the public spotlight. Go to rehab. Get your shit together. Earn your kids back. Ditch the assholes that you are hanging out with who are bad for you and let people who love you back into your life. Buy some Pro-active. Stop wearing your wedding dress in public. Put on panties, for godsakes. Take out your hair extensions and be one of those pretty bald ladies who wear a lot of fabulous earrings. Throw out those goddamn brown boots that you wear every single day. Move anywhere besides LA.

You are an adult, and you being a "Disney child" doesn't mean shit (see: Christina Aguilera). Figure out that you cause your own problems, be a grown-up, deal with it, and stop sucking up our precious lives with the inanity of your bad decisions.


Sarah X Dylan

Monday, January 14, 2008

First page of the Youth in Revolt script!

Very exciting stuff, indeed. Oh, and I guess Britney Spears didn't show up for her court hearing this morning; this was the one to determine whether or not she'll have visitation rights & custody of her kids.... good to see she gives a shit, eh?
Happy Monday!