Friday, May 15, 2009

Here's the pic of the girl who didn't wear underwear for her high school pictures

Seriously... I have empathy for any teenager who's going through the perils of high school livin', but COME ON. You show up for picture day sans-underwear and sit on a bleacher with your legs uncrossed full-on KNOWING that you're freeballing it, and then cry to the media that your vagina is exposed in 100s of yearbooks? Shoulda thought of that before you went spread eagle in front of the camera... geez, girly. You are the reason that thongs were invented.


Shovelhead said...

Is this from Beaverton High?

Geek in the City said...
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Geek in the City said...

Beaver? Sorry.

I dig how she's right above "Science"!

As if she's making a statement... Vagina=Science, dive headfirst!

Heh, also, the word verification I had to type was "viagra". Oh Blogger, such a sense of humor.

Seumas said...

Hell, the girl next to her looks totally naked from the waist down.

Bunch of sluts.

Not that it's a bad thing.

Dean Wormer said...