Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Britney Spears dancing around with her TAMPON STRING HANGING OUT. Oh boy. Isn't she wearing tights?? That just doesn't even seem possible...


Shovelhead said...


Yup, that's the string, all right.

Please to be piercing my eyes with rusty railroad spikes.

Plan on seeing that used feminine product on e-bay soon. Euwwwww!

Richard said...

Are tampon strings that damn big???

Couldn't that be a hanger string?

Jon said...

Let's recap: She announced, while miked, that her womanly parts had come out for a look-see; a good portion of her hair became separated from her head; and now a few inches of string have shown us that there is no bottom to the well that is Britney.

And just think: This is the successful comeback!

gay bob said...

Let's see now, between Rick and Sarah, I've seen "two girls, one cup," Brittany's bloody snatch, broken bottle guy, guy getting something large pushed into his pee pee, woman taking man's head up her snatch, just to mention a few. I guess a dangly tampon string isn't all that horrific by comparison.