Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lost recap

Hey guys!

If you don't watch Lost then this is going to be a boring post for you, but if you do, here is my recap from the episode last night. My friends Lisa and Heather and I get together every Wednesday and watch Lost, so here are my notes (along with commentary from my buddies) from last night. Yes, notes. I am a nerd.

Okay, here we go!

9:04 - Sayid kills chicken out of compassion because friend can't

9:05 - "Ben is creepy" - Heather

9:06 - Young Ben gives Sayid a book (title: A Separate Reality)

9:10 - They're in Moscow?

-Sayid murders some dude

-Ben tells Sayid he's killed everyone?

9:12 - Mission accomplished!

9:13 - Horace visits Sayid in jail

- Going to have to take it to the next level?

9:14 - Juliet and Sawer

-Jack and Kate

9:15 - Why did Sayid break the 'truce'?

9:16 - "A 12-year old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich, how do you think I'm doing?" - Sayid, fucking hilarious!

9:17 - "I've built a life here" - Sawyer

9:20 - In cafeteria with Hurley, Kate and Jack

-Kate finds out about Sawyer and Juliet

9:21 - Ben's dad walks in, Ben brings Sayid a sandwich, dad hits Ben... empathy?

9:22 - Present day, Sayid doing construction

- Ben finds Sayid

9:25 - murder and torture is "in Sayid's nature, he's a killer." - Ben

9:26 - I want more Desmond - me!

9:27 - WTF? Sawyer tazes Sayid... hmm.

-Horace is lady lovely locks

9:28 - Sawyer to Sayid - "He's our you" (who is that dude?)

-something shoved in Sayids mouth, truth serum?

-super creepy guy in tent

9:32 - Flash-forward, Sun is on the dock

-holds gun to Ben's head

-Airport, Sayid talking to girl that has him under arrest on plane?

-$120 scotch

-Hmm... dude interrogating Sayid is Larry from Newhart!

9:37 - truth serum, "I am a bad man." - Sayid

9:38 - Sayid talks about the Flame, communications station

-"I am from the future, you are all going to die."

9:39 - "Sawyer looks like Kid Rock" - Jay

9:41 - "..or I call Ann Arbor" ??

- Baby Ethan!

9:43 - Holy shit! Sawyer agrees to kill Sayid?!

9:47 - Sayid making out with jail lady

- slut boots!

9:48 - "They are going to kill you" - Sawyer to Sayid

9:49 - Sawyer and Kate

- "why did you come back?"

9:51 - flaming VW bus

- Little hooded person, Ben?

9:52 - Little Ben!

- Ben says about his dad "I really hated him". Past tense? Did he already kill him??

-"That's why I'm here" - Sayid

9:57 - Airport, present day

- Jailor lady has Sayid in custody, Kate is there incognito

-Beaten-up Ben on plane

9:59 - flashback, young Ben lets Sayid out of his jail cell

10:00 - VW bus driving through the woods?!?!

- it's Jin!

- "What are you doing here?" - Jin to Sayid

10:02 - Sayid knocks Jin out??

10:03 - Holy mother fucking shit!!! Sayid just shot and killed young Ben Linus!!!!!!!

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and Lisa called it)

Best. Episode. Ever.

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Nicolas R. said...

I shouldn't make predictions 'cause I'll feel like a dork if I'm wrong, but...I suspect little Ben isn't dead, even in a "the island will resurrect him" sense. He's probably just wounded or wearing a bullet-proof vest.

If he is actually dead, then whatever twisted parallel reality crap they have to invent in order to explain it is REALLY going to make my head hurt. Unless Ben's always been UNDEAD. That would be cool.

Also I wish Sawyer and the beady-eyed baby-stealer would hurry up and start humping again.