Thursday, February 26, 2009

Looky here!

Holy crap! It's Paul from the Wonder Years! I was actually wondering - ah, stupid puns - but seriously, i was, what happened to him a few weeks ago, and low and behold TMZ again infiltrates my brain and finds him for me. Thank you, TMZ, thank you. God, I loved that show so much, I have the most fantastic memories as a kid watching it with the fam.... although now Paul looks like a love child between Steve Buschemi and Marilyn Manson. Just sayin'.


jareth said...

He's got alot white around those batshit crazy eyes.

Wonder years = good.

Freaks and geeks = better than good.

Shovelhead said...

Like a nutria.

Baby, young = sorta cute

Old = kill it now!!

jareth said...

Faces of meth?