Friday, June 20, 2008

Ron Jeremy & my dog Muppet. My job is weird.

Can Britney Spears go out in public and NOT spill something on herself?

Sheesh. I mean, I know I'm nitpicking at this point (seeing as how we've all seen her vagina and bald patches), but this lady cannot wear an outfit out in public without having some unsightly stain on the front of herself. I'm just saying - it's not that difficult to drink a glass of water. Invest in a straw, buttercup.


If you're not a big fan of the show, or you haven't seen the entire series, I think that this will contain some spoilers for you. If you have seen all of the episodes, I think you'll appreciate this, it's pretty bitching. Enjoy!

Should I just rename my blog "girl obsessed with the Batman movie viral marketing campaign"?

Joker? I barely knew her!

p.s. how rad is this poster??

Oh! Look what I found!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Batman stuff!!

Here's the newest trailer for the Dark Knight, it looks super bad-ass:

...also, here's the latest viral online marketing campaign where you get to see the first glimpses of Harvey Dent as Two-Face! You've gotta roll your mouse of the 'HA' part of the word 'GOTHAM'. Radness!! :