Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mr. Tim Riley

It has been such an honor through the years to be able to work with a man of Mr. Riley's character. The mornings that we spent together before the show politely ignoring each other were a great way to start the day, as were our hilarious conversations on and off the air. He is one of the most unique people I've ever met, and has given me such good advice throughout the years to help me become a better radio person, and has helped me (and countless others) appreciate radio as an art form, and his skill in doing so cannot be matched. He is missed, and I can't wait for the day that we can all be together on the air again - hopefully sooner than later, fingers crossed.

Best of luck, Tim. We miss you.

Oh, and if you fine folks would like to get ahold of Tim, his email address is:




i swore tim riley said his emailwas timrileyradio@yahoo.com not gmail.

Sarah X Dylan said...

you're right, thanks! fixed it now

Shovelhead said...

To Tim:

Glorious Bastards past, present and future - WE SLAUTE YOU!

If Tim does not find employment - he will be the best goddam dressed hobo in the the history of the world!

Dan said...

God how I hate to use the past tense. The best metaphor I can come up with is the three of you were (are) like watching a fast-break in basketball- Rick sets- Sarah passes- Tim slams or vice-versa in any combination there of.
I listened to it a thousand times and never ceased to be amazed -and never since the black day of Credence did I take it for granted. You are all the best, and well worth sticking with through the bad and the good. And this is the bad.
-Dan from the bookstore.


Today when Rick was talking about feeling guilty for enjoying a cup of cocoa forsaking Tim I really understood and honestly my first thought when I heard was to walk away all together - it was that depressing in my mind, I mean I listened to Tim Riley read me the knows almost daily. None the less, I listened to the podcast that very Monday and I have to say my boss is right by saying support Rick and Sarah and the show through these hard times. It must be rough, so far since I'm with food service my job is OK but I know these are hard times for many, Tim seems better suited than anyone to rise above any obstacle judging by his wit these last few years of listening on the radio! And the show is still great, funny and the same but different but it still fills a void that stupid shows like Rush Limbaugh could never fill, so anyways. I'll be listening as usual...Thanks for all the free entertainment while slaving.

Waffles said...

Those fools! Don't they realize they've doomed us all? The most catastrophic events always happen when Tim is gone. What will happen now that he's always gone? Chaos.

gay bob said...

Cheap bastards. Modern day corporations are runnning on a full tank of stupid. I can't fucking believe it.