Friday, November 21, 2008

um, what the fuck is going on with Katie Holmes?

Her make-up looks like mine did after I dressed as Dr. Frankenfurter from the Rocky Horror picture and then came home drunk and tried to wash off my black eyeshadow without any soap and I looked like a black-eyed transvestite. Yeah. Like that.


jareth said...

I call it Revlons new bat shit crazy look.

Slight observation....don't know why.
The tranny craze is really picking up on the emerson show.

Shovelhead said...

Scientology = Goth???

Tom Cruise weird sex, prison and rules = The next Britany in her umbrella phase?

Once pretty = now dark skank?

Nicolas R. said...

Scientology is probably not letting her sleep; putting her through some horrible intensive auditing marathon.

Also those bright red shoes the kid is wearing are blinding.

jareth said...

We miss tim.

Joe said...

Maybe she's been hanging out with Amy Winehouse?