Monday, July 28, 2008

Hit-and-run Friday night

Hey guys,

So my buddy Chris was hit by a car on Friday night as he was crossing the street on SE Hawthorne Blvd. The incident took place around midnight on upper-Hawthorne, specifically on the north side of the street right around SE 47th Ave. The car was speeding up Hawthorne eastbound, crossed across the middle lane, and hit my friend as he was approaching the sidewalk. This happened around midnight, and was right in front of (if you're familiar with the area) Jaciva/the BOG area. After the car hit him it stopped for like 10 seconds and then sped off eastbound on Hawthorne. There were several witnesses but it all happened so quickly that nobody was able to catch the license plate number.

The car was described as a big white older-style car, perhaps a muscle car of some sort. A piece of the car was left at the scene, they weren't able to identify exactly what part it was, but it was a fairly large-sized chunk. Chris also hit the windshield, so the windshield might be damaged as well.

If anyone works at an auto-body shop that receives a car matching that description (and damage), or perhaps witnessed something on Friday night would you please contact the authorities? Chris' foot is totally fucked up, along with many other scrapes and bruises, and he doesn't have insurance. Plus, the person who was driving this car is the kind of asshole that LEAVES SOMEONE FOR DEAD AT THE SCENE OF A HIT-AND-RUN ACCIDENT.

Friday night 7/25/08
11:45pm - midnight
47th & SE Hawthorne
Large white older car
Perhaps chunk of the fender missing / maybe windshield damage



Sara said...

Shit... so sorry about your friend, Sarah. Here's wishing him a speedy recovery. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Hopefully, they'll catch the asshole that did this and will give him a good tasering to the balls.

Aram said...

If you can post a pic of the piece that broke off, there are people who can totally identify the model and maybe even the year!!!

Gotta do it ASAP though before this loser gets his car fixed.

Black Star said...

please tell me this wasnt so sorry sarah....

Shovelhead said...

Agree with aram. Post a pix of the car piece. I'd bet one of us can ID it - or will work tirelessly to find someone who can or until we do.