Tuesday, July 01, 2008


If you want to go and see the Dark Knight with The Rick Emerson show head to www.970.am and click on the Batman/Why so serious? logo and buy a ticket! It's going to be on Friday morning at 12:01AM on July 18th in Tigard. Hope to see you there!!

p.s. Thanks for the poster, Aaron :)


jareth said...

Very cool poster aaron, hadn't seen that.

Shovelhead said...

This poster would have been better used with the lesser know Batman villian - The Puzzler (rejected second cousin to The Riddler).

jareth said...

Other Rejected villans.

Collagey- Devises elaborate collages using pictures of the coreys and the cast of the growing pains.

Bedazzeler- works for QVC and yells out BEDAZZELED! with a slur and an uncomfortable walk.

Macromay- he can make an aids quilt in 10 sec.

Myrtlewood- he's a narcoleptic masturbater and makes things out of myrtlelwood....yeah....myrtlewood.....um ...exciting.