Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Sorry to those who aren't listening to the show because this will make no sense to you :)


Nicolas R. said...

It looks like a smelly pirate hooker. With two tails.

jareth said...

Her left boob is bigger than her right boob....totally undateable.

r8r said...

I love old alchemical drawings like this.

Plus she's sexy.


DwinkinAle said...
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TEG said...

Just so you know, the image is based on the old norse stories of sirens, similar to but different from the Greek sirens, and similar to mermaids, but still fundamentally different. Mermaids are just another mythical hominid to exist on this planet, sirens were creatures who lured men to their deaths at sea.

gay bob said...

teg, you must be one of Rick Emerson's listeners. Just a wild guess.

Shovelhead said...

The original Lady Liberty (statue of Liberty and on US coins) had one bared breast (nipple and all).

If the figure had a mastectomy, would it be "Scarbucks"?

TEG said...

@ Gay Bob -

Aren't we all?

Hell, I do all the dial-up friendly/commercial free/single file podcasts of the show.