Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bloodrock - DOA

Fly safe, Rick! :)


jareth said...

umm safe Rick.

It's ok they take really good care of those flying metal deathtraps.

gay bob said...

That's really cold, Sarah. It is also very well deserved.

Shovelhead said...

I am sincerely hoping Rick has a awful flying experience. Nothing is more entertaining than listening to Rick go into a genuinely venomous rant after being body-cavity searched by TSA, stranded on the tarmac for 10 hours and sitting next to Coughy the Seatmate.

Randy in Vegas said...

Monday's show will absolutely contain the following:

1) A detailed description of a seemingly minor thing that completely destroyed Rick's vacation.

2) Bitching that no sooner did he begin said vacation than major news started happening and Rick couldn't talk about it on the air, further ruining his vacation.

3) The same venemous vacation anecdote/rant being shared with the audience, then Steve, Lisa, Jim, and anyone else who is on the other end of the warm line.

Vegas odds on this happening exactly as I've stated:

Hurry back, Rick! We can't wait!