Thursday, May 15, 2008


Rick Emerson Listener Party 2008: Emerson's Eleven
Thursday, May 15th at 8:00pm at McMenamin's Crystal Ballroom

Featuring The Rick Emerson Roast, with Roastmaster Carl Click

Roasters to include:

• The Willamette Week's Byron Beck
Sarah X Dylan
• The Oregonian's Peter Carlin
• KUFO's Cort & Fatboy
• Film Fever Radio's Scott Dally & Aaron Duran
Storm Large

Music by Emerson Starship & Nickel Arcade

Emerson's Eleven is proudly presented by Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing & by Viso, more of everything good.

Be there! Be merry! Drink much vodka! Buy me much vodka! See you there!


Evil Baritone said...

Hey Sarah!

Why didn't you call me? I'll be your next "X"! :-)


Your Fan

jareth said...

summ.....creepy ...bob.

on another note.

The roast was spectacular and Sarah stepped up to the plate and delivered a great unimaginable speech for the roast....much at my expense. Very good job Ms. Dylan and I am very proud of you. It was full of rage and anger and beautiful debasing comedy wit. Loved it.
I just wanted to thank you.

It sounds like Im being sarcastic, but I am not. Very well done.

PS. I do not have a myspace page.