Monday, April 21, 2008

Ok, I might be a total wimp...

...but this trailer looks scary as shit! I guess it's a remake of some other movie and I know that it's starring Liv Tyler, but either way that looks messed up.


scamorama said...

Sarah, with all due respect and great affection, you're a total wimp.

That's a dumb trailer.

Seumas said...

I guess I'm a wimp, too -- because it certainly freaked me out a bit. As long as it isn't about ghosts and crap, I can give this film a chance. There's just such a fine line between movies that are creepy and sincerely scary and movies that just try to hard and are complete ridiculous ass (Grudge, Ring, One Missed Call, etc).

Also, anything that promotes random, senseless Clockwork Orange style violence on regular people for no reason is worth checking out. And it looks like this might be that kinda flick.

Whether it'll turn out to be scary or not is another thing. It's much easier to make a scary/creepy trailer than it is a movie.

Get Bent said...

Looks good! I'm gonna check it out!

scamorama said...

Don't get me wrong: I really enjoy a good scary film.

But, as I watched this trailer, I was struck by the times I'd seen it before.
I mentally ticked off the references:
"Chainsaw Massacre", "The Hills Have Eyes", "Halloween", "Last House on the Left", etc (notice how many are Wes Craven films?).

The masks are dopey, too.

I might see it, but I'll wait for the DVD.

jareth said...

Yeah I dig the scene where it's her in the kitchen, and the dude just stands there from the hallway. Very creepy, very well done.

Seumas said...

I liked it a lot better when it seemed like it was going to be a "where is everyone?" movie. For a few moments, the trailer made it seem like they were out wandering their neighborhood streets, being stalked . . . and the rest of the place was just totally vacant.

But then it seemed to not go in that direction.

derick said...

wimpy wimpy wimpy like a poorly designed paper towel.

Liv looks like she may have "taken the knife" and grew (ate) a big church-lady ass. Still pretty but the glow of youth is on its way out for that girl. What a freak show, real horror its gonna be to watch the girls of that generation age. So many of them take the knife in their mid-20's. This is going to make for a real scary movie as they enter 30's and 40's. By their age 50, this world should have ticked all the way out and be over with. No more movies, no more sluts of Hollywood, no more people. The end of times.

But back to the movie trailer. The one opportunity they had to actually create an oppressive atmosphere of pure horror is at the end of the thing where the Liv character asks "why are you doing this to us?". Instead of some otherworldly creeped-out, sick sounding freak they use the voice of a nice slightly lethargic girl from the mall or donut shop. "because you were home". The line is dumb already but please, if you are going to write dumb shit it should have at least some sort of psychically disturbing aesthetic to it.


Yes, I could do better.

Victoria Bennett said...

It looks like a ridiculous movie, but the trailer did scare me, even though I have Tivo and was FF through it. One of my actual phobias is people in masks. That even includes usually fun, happy images like Mickey Mouse at DisneyLand. So we're wimps.

Shovelhead said...

Another attempt to recreate the "magic" and huge $$$ of Blair Witch Project. The trailer is a direct rip at the final scene from Blair.

Sorry, Sarah - not scary.