Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh, Ritchie...

His poor swollen face. Send your well-wishes to!


Ritchie said...

Holy Moly, this Surely makes my face UGLY!! I look like a Zombie.


Sarah,,, you Rock!!!!

Seumas said...

God damn. I was going to make some sort of an STD joke, but I just don't have it in me. That looks painful. I hope he isn't having one of those semi-stroke face paralyzing thingies where your face looks half melty and may or may not ever recover from it.

On the other hand, this is what you get when you force barely clothed nipples in see-through shirts on an unprepared public.

Shovelhead said...

Looks like the rear seat occupant from the short bus. Ew!

Steve said...

What happened to Ritchie?

jareth said...

(Mumbled loudly) I AM NOT AN ANIMAL.!!!

Sorry, Couldn't resist the elephant man reference. What did he do?

That's what happens when you kiss the mini mart girl.

Get better man, wow.

PS and off topic. Have fun in vegas, sarah. Make some stories.

jareth said...

*Insert: face for radio joke here.*

gay bob said...

Well seumas I do have it in me, as it were. Ritchie you're supposed to swallow.

derick said...

Is Ritchie of Hispanic decent?

Over the years I have known this to befall almost exclusively Latinos. And within that group, primarily men. There are smaller samples known in the various Asian breeds but hardly worth mentioning.

just curious as I am gathering all my data.

Richard said...

Damn Ritchie!

Are you sure that dentist didn't violate you while you were "under"?

Looks like he F-ed you up.


Richard said...

THIS is the guy you get to replace Scotty J...?

THIS guy?

THIS fucking guy?