Friday, April 25, 2008

How cool is this??

This is a real Spiderman tattoo on some dude's chest. Awesome.  And creepy.  But mostly awesome.

...Also, as a side-note, I understand that blog has gone from celeb gossip to total nerd-dom lately, and I'm sorry about that. There just has been absolutely fucking NOTHING going on in the world of celebrities that I find interesting, and I'm not going to bore you guys by posting uninteresting bullshit just for the sake of posting something. Hope you understand, and I'll keep on looking for entertaining stories and pictures for you fine folks. Happy weekend!

Sarah D.


The Wonk said...

No worries. Your blog still rawks hard. I am a little nerdy too....

Seumas said...

Not sure how I feel about the tattoo. I mean, on one hand it's pretty cool and gross. On the other... He might as well be tattooing the pepsi or nike logo on himself.

And don't apologize for having a nerdy/geeky blog recently. You know 80% of the readers are thinking "oh my god... she's like.. a girl... and is posting about batman again! that's totally hot!". :P

Plus, Britney and Lohan and Paris have been boring as fuck. They're useless when not causing riots and on the verge of death.

scamorama said...

Fascinating tattoo. I wonder what his grandchildren will think of it.

Sarah, keep posting the geeky/nerdy stuff (except Ritchie, please).

This blog is always interesting and fun to drop by.

Shovelhead said...

And I thought my tats were border line cool. This one is out-of-the-park great. Agree - the Spiderman movie franchise character could have been altered to something a bit less commercial - but the ink work is fantastic.

Poor Sarah - she's right. Without Brits, Lohan and Paris running amok, the celeb sleaze pool is a bit shallow. Just wait though - like herpes, they'll be back.

John Brown said...

I saw this somewhere else recently, and (I know I am going to sound like the typical internet naysayer) it can't be real.

The nipples are low enough that the chest would have to be stretched to make this real. Think of how much room there is between the nipple and collar bone (mine is about one and a half hand widths). The collar bone isn't visible and there isn't any shadow indicating typical anatomical depressions.

I know it's silly to put so much though into it, but my girl and I had a 10 minute discussion about it, so I thought I would throw in my $.02.

Sarah, love the blog. It's in my RSS reader, and you can post whatever the hell you want.

DomDaddy said...

What's wrong with nerdy/geeky? It's what the show and [We] aspire can I learn?

jareth said...

That tat is going to look nice after 20 years of living, a ripped up looking blob instead of a spider...ugh.

I agree it looks a little more photoshop silkscreen look than a real tat...theres no definition or elevation on the chest....or it could be that's how it was shot........but it's an interesting idea ...and looks cool.

At least it's not that dude who got a tat of a Zune. .....that dude was pathetic.

Seumas said...

I had a thing going to promote my site a few years ago and had a number of devoted fans who were willing and eager to get the domain and logo tattooed on themselves.

In the end, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't bring myself to let people get something so ridiculous put on their body forever.

I should get a giant Steve-O style tattoo on my back of Rick, Tim and Sarah all posed together and giving a cheesey-jesus thumbs up. :)

gay bob said...

A: Doesn't look real to me.
B: To those of you who think it is cool, just imagaine it on top of you, you know, in a sexual way. I think NOT cool.

Shovelhead said...

Yeah, but if the dude is ugly, at least yopu'd have something to look at during "it".

derick said...

people with tattoos are assholes and this guy is their president.

gay bob said...

Right on shovelhead. I figure that's why guys tattoo their backs, so the guy fucking them won't get bored.