Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What the fuck?

Britney out with douchey paparazzi guy last night. I don't even have words anymore.


...oh, and possibly pregnant. Yes. I am serious.

This is from the other day when she was shopping at Rite Aid with douchey; they are stills from a video someone took & they released it today. Good grief.


Seumas said...

First, if you can afford a pregnancy test, why can't you afford prophylactics? Second, if you make $800k/mo, why do you need a $5 EPT pregnancy test? Can't you just go to the doctor?

I hope to god she does something terrible again and it results in a judge forcing her to get her tubes tied.

Also, please stop breeding you whore. At this point, Rick and Sarah would have to have a half dozen kids (um.. each, not together) to outbalance the stupidity of all Brit's trashy offspring in the world.

Seumas said...

So, as it turns out...

Either these photographs or other photographs of the same incident were actually taken and attributed to the photography service that Britney's other boyfriend "Adnand" (or something like that) works for. He presumably got a bunch of money for them and they were more or less staged. It's being suggested that she let him take them so he could sell them to his agency and make money off of it for himself. The whole "buying pregnancy test" thing obviously jacked up the value of the photographs, but was probably a ruse all along and just Britney screwing with people.

Of course, with $800k/mo coming in, why not just GIVE him some money instead of letting the guy you supposedly want(ed) to run away with a chance to shoot some trashy photos of you in a rite-aid for his agency?