Friday, January 18, 2008

Star Trek trailer online!

You can watch it here. And here. And also here.

I know what movie me & the fam are going to this Christmas! (...and yes, I'm aware I'm a nerd. It's totally the greatest movie year ever!!)


jareth said...

Pretty cool,

Saw it on cloverfield. Which is so great by the way.
A truly terrifying film that is worth the $10 bucks to see. Just remember to sit in the middle or back or you might get motion sickness.

The.Tracer said...

Oh bad ass. Time to dust of my Klingon uniform.

Quaplah Sarah!

Seumas said...

I'm far more stoked that Sarah is excited about this movie than I am about the movie itself. More Star Trek is just like more Saw movies. Not really necessary and sure to suck. I'm sure they'll time the Star Trek MMORPG to be released around the same time as a tie in, eh?

gay bob said...

absolutely, positively, the next to the last Star Trek film.

Seumas said...

...until the one after that. :D