Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Okay, this is the greatest thing ever.

If you've read my blog before, you know that I am a HUGE Lost fan. The new season premieres on Thursday, January 31st (at 8pm!), and I am so stoked for it. The above video is a summary of the past three seasons of Lost told in 8 minutes and 15 seconds (which is super nerdy because the plane they all crashed in was Oceanic Air, Flight 815). It's pretty genius, so if you want to start watching the new season but don't want to spend the hundreds of hours catching up here's your chance to do it a little over eight minutes.



Seumas said...

Okay, now I'm getting pissed. Where is my Shield? Where is my Battlestar Galactica? Why did my second season of Heroes suck so bad so they could "end the story" before any potential writers' strike? Why can't Lost fans suffer like the rest of us?

I'm so far behind on the series, anyway. Maybe I'll Tivo the whole season so I can watch it after I catch up on the rest of season two and three.

scamorama said...

I get it now.
"Lost" is science fiction for people who don't understand science or fiction.

Seumas said...

I haven't watched Lost in a long time but it seemed to me more of an "adventure" and possibly "fantasy" show than "science fiction", though it seems some aspects of it are science-fiction-ish.

gay bob said...

I'd love to criticize, I'd also love to learn how to spell, but I am an unashamed Survivor Junkie. Yes seumas, I really do know I should be ashamed.

Seumas said...

Hey, I never said anything bad about Lost! It got boring for me, but I'll catch up on it someday. And it doesn't have to be science fiction to be enjoyable! :)

jareth said...

seamus save your money.

Click on the left is all the episodes the earliest go from bottom to top. You will have to endure a commercial, but you save your dough and it's free.

Episode 4 "walkabout" is where I got hooked.

Seumas said...

Well, I was going to bit torrent all the seasons, but it would take eons before the torrent completed, so I might actually use the ABC online feed. I knew they'd embarked on that awhile back, but had no idea it included all episodes from all seasons. That's pretty decent.