Friday, January 04, 2008

...okay, more Britney....

...I can already tell it's going to be one of those days, Jesus. Here are a couple more pics courtesy of my buddy Aaron... man, this is just bonkers. Well, she is just bonkers. I guess there's a press conference scheduled with Kevin Federline and his lawyers regarding custody momentarily, I'll keep you posted.

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..I just read on a blog that someone is calling this Britneygate 08. Genius!


Seumas said...

I'm telling you, she's going to kill her kids and herself by the end of 08. Everything is falling apart and if she can't at least have her children, she can take them to baby jesus with her! In fact, I am starting to think that's more likely to happen than the M√ľnchhausen scenario or ODing on the set of a porn shoot scenario that I mentioned in the last blog entry.

And once that happens, Kevin Federline will hit peak stardom as the entire world watches him mourn. And her funeral will be fucking enormous. So many people will want to pay their respect that the funeral service will last for an entire week or two. That "leave Britney alone!" douche will go to the funeral and attempt to slit his wrists over her coffin as a final sacrifice to his idol. Fox News and CNN will run the entire service on television and for a month, every hour of television will be capped with a long collage of photographs and video set to some sad beautiful music, ending on a photo of Britney holding her two children in her arms.

Next, Britney's mom and little sister will work with a company to license her name and manufacture baby shoes named after both of her children, so you can put your toddler in little "jayden spears" sneakers.

Also, at the funeral, Elton John ***AND*** Justin Timberlake will sing a duet written just for Britney.

angie said...

Like I told Rick, Britney is on a major Zanax high that shit makes you crazy look at anna nicole. I should know I did was taking Zanax and I totally abused it and you wouldnt believe the crazy shit I did and wouldnt remeber. The humilation of having my KIDS tell me the things I said and did on that crap made me stop. But all the stuff Britney is doing is exactly the crap I did Zanax is bad stuff to abuse

Nicolas R. said...

Britney just needs to get pregnant again. That'll fix everything. [sarcasm]

peekers said...

Nice restraints …wonder if they will be in the new spring ‘Crazy Brit’ collection