Friday, January 04, 2008

I think this is needed today.

Check out more about these guys at!

Find the lyrics here



Seumas said...

These guys are just weeks or months away from being catapulted into extreme fame. If that bathroom door had held up just long enough for Britney to mix the vodka with a strong barbiturate, these guys would be on MTV tonight!

PS: You need to set your page to show more stories on the page at one time for today, Sarah! Too much content. Oh man!

PPS: You're my celeb-bashing hero. I am going to go sacrifice a cheeseburger in honor of your greatness, for lunch. Great work!

Todd W. said...

This is the single greatest piece of music ever composed in the history of mankind.

Well, after that song about Lacy Peterson, that is.

jareth said...

If only nickel arcade could sing the lacy song.

That line" mommie... deez is for you" would bring a tear to my eye.