Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I know, I know, give me a break....

...All of the news right now is either about Heath Ledger or Scientology, so here's another post about the latter. Until Britney goes on another crazy spree, this'll have to make due. That being said, I thought this was pretty interesting. Here is a list of people who are Scientologists currently:

Famous Scientologists

* Kirstie Alley [5][6], actress, winner of 2 Emmys, 2 People's Choice Awards, and a Golden Globe Award
* Anne Archer [5], actress (her son, Tom Davis, runs the Los Angeles Celebrity Centre)
* Jennifer Aspen [7], actress
* James Stacy Barbour [8], Broadway actor
* Lynsey Bartilson [9], actress , raised Scientologist
* Beck [5][10], musician, winner of 3 Grammy Awards, raised Scientologist
* Catherine Bell [11], actress
* Karen Black, actress [12]
* Sonny Bono (deceased 1998) [13], musician and member of U.S. House of Representatives (R-Palm Springs)
* David Campbell [14], musician, composer, arranger
* Nancy Cartwright [13][10], voice over artist, most famous as the voice of Bart Simpson, for which she won an Emmy
* Kate Ceberano [15], actress and musician, People's Choice Award winner
* Erika Christensen [5], actress, raised Scientologist
* Chick Corea [5], musician, winner of multiple Grammy Awards
* Tom Cruise [5], actor, winner of 3 Golden Globe Awards
* Sky Dayton [16], founder and Chairman of the Board of EarthLink
* Doug Dohring [17], ex-owner of Neopets
* Jason Dohring [18], actor from Veronica Mars, raised Scientologist
* Bodhi Elfman [19], actor
* Jenna Elfman [5], actress, most famous for Dharma and Greg, for which she won a Golden Globe
* Richard Elfman [20], writer and director
* Doug E. Fresh [10], actor and musician
* Kenton Gray [21], car and motorcycle race driver
* Paul Haggis [23], director, Academy Award winner
* Isaac Hayes [5], musician and actor, winner of an Academy Award and 2 Grammy Awards. Was the voice of "Chef" on South Park
* Katie Holmes [24], actress (born and raised Catholic), introduced to Scientology by Tom Cruise while they were dating.
* Nicky Hopkins [25], musician who performed with the Grateful Dead, the Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, and others (deceased 1994)
* Tyler Hynes [26], actor
* Mark Isham [27], musician
* Jason Lee [1], actor ("My Name Is Earl", "Mallrats") and professional skateboarder
* Geoffrey Lewis [1], actor
* Johnny Lewis,[1] actor
* Juliette Lewis [5], actress, singer
* Christopher Masterson [1], actor from Malcolm in the Middle, raised Scientologist
* Danny Masterson [1], actor from That 70's Show, raised Scientologist
* Lisa McPherson [29], American woman whose death has been a source of controversy for Scientology
* Jim Meskimen [30], actor and improviser
* Sofia Milos[31][32], actress (CSI: Miami)
* Haywood Nelson [33], actor
* Corin Nemec [34], actor (played Jonas Quinn on Stargate SG-1.)
* Marisol Nichols [35], actress ("24")
* Judy Norton [36], actress and musician
* James Packer [37], the 2nd richest man in Australia
* Eduardo Palomo (deceased 2003)[38], actor
* Don Pearson [39], 'Management by Statistics' consultant
* Michael Peña [40], actor
* David Pomeranz [41], singer/songwriter, Emmy Award winner
* Laura Prepon [42][43], actress
* Lisa Marie Presley [1], singer, Michael Jackson's ex-wife, and daughter of Elvis Presley
* Priscilla Presley [1], actress and ex-wife of Elvis Presley
* Kelly Preston [44], actress and John Travolta's wife
* Leah Remini [1], actress
* Patrick Renna[45], actor
* Ernie Reyes, Jr. [41][46], actor
* Giovanni Ribisi [1], actor, raised Scientologist
* Marissa Ribisi [47] , actress, wife of Beck Hansen, sister of Giovanni Ribisi, raised Scientologist
* Ruddy Rodriguez, actress [48]
* Pablo Santos, actor[49] (deceased 2006)
* Billy Sheehan [50], rock bassist
* David Singer [51], chiropractor, 'Management by Statistics' consultant
* Reed Slatkin [52], criminal Ponzi scheme perpetrator
* Michelle Stafford [53], actress, winner of 2 Emmy Awards
* Ethan Suplee [54], actor
* John Travolta [5], actor, Golden Globe Award winner
* Greta Van Susteren [11], host of On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News Channel
* Persia White [55], actress
* Edgar Winter [56], musician

Why, Jason Lee, why?? I guess his poor decision-making skills explain Alvin & the Chipmunks.


scamorama said...

That list doesn't say much for the intelligence, sophistication, or discernment of people in the "entertainment industry".

scamorama said...

Present company excluded, of course....

stevobar said...

This is way more fun than picking on Brit.. we already know that she's nuts. These people believe they are actually sane , and there are so many here to choose from, it adds a cornucopia of possibilities...another home run, Sarah X. !!

soledee said...

What are the numbers next to each name?

jareth said...

Interesting list to see, a lot of kooks on there. I just hope this doesn't become a list of persecution. The ones who speak out and overtly push their beliefs should be questioned.

The Frumious Bandersnatch said...

soledee, I'm going to guess Sarah lifted the list from Wikipedia and the numbers would have linked to the citation at the bottom of the page

jareth, the war of anonymous is declared on the entity of the church, not the followers of it. the list is of consequence given that Co$ overtly pursues celebrities for conversion

Shovelhead said...

What? No Barak Obama?

Good point scamorama: A clear indicator that show biz degrades the base DNA pairs.