Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Horse shit.

Okay, so I've been perusing the "internets" for awhile now, and I've been doing some research on Heath Ledger, and whether or not there was any conclusive evidence about his death (there isn't any yet, by the way). In doing so, I keep coming across these obviously fake, piece-of-shit articles about this dude that was pretending to 'dupe' celebrities into thinking that he's Heath Ledger's father (and for the record, if there is some ass-hat out there preying on people using the pain of someone else to acquire things, I think that they should get what's coming to them). I do find it very strange, however, that the two celebrities that were tricked were Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

So hear me out: there is this ongoing viral internet campaign going on now (see my post from yesterday) with a group named Anonymous who are attempting to take down the Church of Scientology via the interwebs. Scientology is pissed about this. So, what do desperate, creepy, cult-like religions do when they need positive attention? Create some sort of scenario where they can invoke compassion from others, instead of disdain. The article reads:

"Police are today still trying to find an man pretending to be Ledger's grieving father.

US reports said the imposter cruelly duped superstar Tom Cruise into consoling him over the phone - and nearly got John Travolta to buy him a plane ticket to America."

Come ON. I just find it amazing that the ONLY two people that have been slighted by this pretend father hoax happen to be best buddies and both avid members of the Church of Scientology. Now, I'm not a conspiracy theorist by trade, but this is just insulting. Tom Cruise had to talk to someone on the phone? John Travolta almost bought a plane ticket?? Good lord. Gotta hand it to them, though - their plan worked. Now when you google Tom Cruise it isn't just about him being a crazy person. No, now half of the stories are about him being 'cruelly duped'. It just makes me nauseous.
Church of Scientology = 1, Non-crazy people = 0.


Seumas said...

Shortly after his death, I had started hearing vague reports that the CoS had been lightly trying to court ledger... with unpromising results, of course.

stevobar said...

Why do I keep throwing up in my mouth a little bit? This tactic is right out of The Art of War...or for more modern day observers, the Karl Rove handbook...what really pisses me off is that it WORKS!!!

They have not only changed the subject, they have ( albiet perversely) made themselves the victims in the process...I told you I was scared of these fuckers yesterday..now you may understand why...they are the modern day version of Hitler's Nazi Germany...this is exactly why they are being fought with such vigor by the current German government..Hat off to you, Sarah X. Dylan..you exceed my expectations when it comes to this subject...disregard all previous blog entries to the contrary..

The Frumious Bandersnatch said...

Some Googlebombs may be able to fix it in any case.

Are you sure people will read it as Tom and John being victims instead of just being gullible? From your synopsis I saw two of the most devout scientology followers as being very gullible people.

gay bob said...

Gullible and intensely stupid, frumious.

Aaron said...

This is the perfect example of Strawman Theory. I am wondering about Seamas' comment. The CoS is not known for taking "no" as an answer too lightly...

Can't wait for 02/10/08... See what this anti-Scientogy does.

dlock said...

Some time ago, I wrote about the assertion that Tom Cruise is the "Jesus Christ of Scientology". You might enjoy my rant.


Maybe I should start a religion. I need some money!

Dave in the 'Couve

dlock said...

Grrr. (Scatological reference here.) Blogger truncated my URL! Damn you Blogger! Damn you to hell!

Here is a TinyURL link to my blog entry about Tom Cruise being promoted to the position of Christ:


Take that, Blogger!
Dave in the 'Couve

Shovelhead said...

And they let Travolta own and pilot a private 757 over populated areas?? CoS can blow me.

Keep up the sluething on all of this - the Truth shall set you free!