Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger is dead.

He's been found in his residence in New York.

UPDATE from Page Six:

January 22, 2008 -- Actor Heath Ledger was found dead today in a Broome Street apartment, apparently from a drug overdose.

Ledger was well known for his role in "Brokeback Mountain," and he stars in the upcoming "The Dark Knight" Batman movie as the Joker.

He split last year from wife, Michelle Williams, with whom he has a daughter.

His apartment was strewn with pills, sources said. It was unclear if it was an intentional or accidental death.


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stevobar said...

Rick just said it best...what a waste...

Randy in Vegas said...

Not that this is the most important matter at hand, but is filming on the Batman movie 100% complete? One would assume so, and they're obviously going to finish it no matter what...but it's weird that he'd die just as he was getting what would be the biggest role of his career. It reminds me a lot of the Brandon Lee thing.

Kerra E. B. K. said...

OMG! He's blonde and hot! I just watched Brokeback again this weekend! Found naked?! (Just how I wanted him!)

This bums me out.

Way to go Michelle Williams- her kid will inherit his $.

So much suck.

Seumas said...

This is one hell of a movie publicity stunt.

jareth said...

very not cool.

He's really good in I'm Not There, the bob dylan flick thats showing at the art houses now. I highly recommend it.

very sad.

Do you think the drugs were leftovers of Mary Kate olsen and he misunderstood those were asprins?

According to People (yuck) magazine his close friends were not surprised.

Seumas said...

I haven't heard anything about drugs whatsoever. I've only heard that there were over the counter sleeping pills around and that he was doing a new movie where he was seemingly playing an equally strange, dark character.

I don't know anything he's done other than Brokeback, but he seemed talented and unusually dedicated to his work. Doesn't seem to be a hypocrite or an ass of any sort, so this is one of those rare celebrity deaths that seems earnestly tragic.

I'm honestly unsure how to feel. On one hand, I love the idea of celebrities wiping themselves out. On the other hand, I'm not in favor of talented non-asshats offing themselves.

I almost hope that it's a suicide, because at least then there is some meaning to it. Even if we don't know or understand why he felt compelled. If it's just the result of accidentally overdosing on sleeping pills because he couldn't manage to get to sleep after months of 2-hour-a-week-sleep, then it's just so pointless and random and meaningless.

jareth said...


They got a pic of his apartment building, and the last pic from him on set last saturday. Supposidly Jake Gyllenhaal was his kids godfather and advised him on getting help after his divorce from his girl.

Seumas said...
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Mookie said...

I just popped on the computer; happy as can be... Its like a tidal wave, I don't even remember what i was on the computer for. Man death just happens, to anybody anywhere. Its a real trip to get your head around when someone like that dies. Theres no fuckin' rewind

Seumas said...

Supposedly Heath might have been getting over pneumonia, too.

Also, the prime minister of Australia spoke about Ledger's death today. What the hell is that about?! That's like George Bush coming out to speak about the death of Jonathan Brandis.

Shovelhead said...

Lindsay, Brits, Paris et al - so many that should be higher up on "The List" to punch out. This guy did not pursue the celebrity spotlight and seemed harmless.

What's fair got to do with it?

Thomas said...


I always thought he was a wonderful actor with great range. This just makes me depressed.


Randy in Vegas said...

I'm curious about the connection to Mary Kate Olsen, who owned the apartment where he died. Anybody hear about this?

And you just know that Britney is sitting around brooding because no one is taking her picture right now. She's have to do something extra attention-whorey in the next few days to get noticed again.

Seumas said...

Randy: Last I heard, there was no connection. The apartment is actually standard rental that he was renting himself.

Shovelhead: My thoughts exactly. I'm tired of seeing people with something to contribute to the rest of the world taken out early in the game while those who suck the world dry continue indefinitely.

TEG: I watched Brokeback Mountain again today after I heard the news and was floored yet again by how unbelievable he was as an actor. I guess I never really thought about him much before. He hasn't done much that I've seen other than that and I only remembered that he had vaguely done some stupid chick-friendly "knight" movie a decade ago.

From what I have heard commented this afternoon, Ledger was actually someone I can sort of respect. He hated trendy clubs and liked little dive bars. He hated award shows and preferred hanging out in the bar drinking and smoking until he was called to the stage. He LOVED acting, but HATED hollywood. He was private and quiet and apparently a stand up guy with some problems in his past who adored his new kid.

It's in my nature to be a snarkey dick, but I simply can't find it in me here. There just aren't a whole lot of big hollywood stars that one can have any sense of respect for, because are self-involved, spoiled, prissy, pointless asshats. Ledger seems to clearly have been heading somewhere. And fast.

I think I'm really hoping this was not intentional and not drug abuse. I hope it was just a mix of pneumonia and accidentally taking too much of his sleeping prescription or something.


smpleo said...

This September, I was in New York. My niece and I took shelter on the protected steps of ABC from an intense rainstorm. There were quite a few of us there, including the model Helena Christianson. All at once, Heath Ledger came bounding up the steps with a big smile on his face, and met up with Helena.
They went into the store, and two teenage girls did the doubletake and followed him in.
I could see them through the window, and he was very kind. He let them take photos with him, and then he was gone.
I was struck by how down to earth and real he was. I feel really sad.

gay bob said...

a total bummer!