Wednesday, January 16, 2008

He needs to get a stylist.

Now, I think that some men can pull off the stache, but Seth Green is not one of those people. This guy can pull it off:
Seth Green cannot.



Seumas said...

There are THREE people in the planet who can pull off a plain old moustache:

+ Tom Sellick
+ Chuck Norris
+ Robert Goulette (he has a stache, right?)

That's it. Period. Everyone else looks like a sleazy douche. It doesn't even serve a damn purpose and gets in the way of eating. Facial hair is fine, but you have to have some form of beard going on as well. And not one of those stupid "back street boys" streamlined things that look like someone drew little strips on their jawline, either.

Jim said...

I bet that stash is for a movie role, it's looks to comically shitty to be real.

peekers said...

He looks like Luigi Mario of the Mario Brothers...all he needs is the 'L' on his hat. :)

jareth said...

looks like Seth knows britney.

Sorry horrible. That was horrible.

Fish Tacos said...

Burt Reynolds is the king of the stache.

guynecology said...

Robert Goulet (not Goulette) is not pulling off anything. He's pushing up daisies as of a few weeks ago.

In order to opull off the "stache," you have to look like a Playgirl centerfold.

As for Burt Reynolds, after his extensive plastic surgery, he looks kind of like a muppet puppet anymore.