Monday, January 14, 2008

First page of the Youth in Revolt script!

Very exciting stuff, indeed. Oh, and I guess Britney Spears didn't show up for her court hearing this morning; this was the one to determine whether or not she'll have visitation rights & custody of her kids.... good to see she gives a shit, eh?
Happy Monday!


Seumas said...

I've been looking forward to the movie, but slightly less so now that I've seen Michael Cerra in even more movies like Superbad and Juno where he seems, to me, to play exactly the same stammering awkward fading-to-whisper-trailing-off speech guy he has always played. Not that I can imagine anyone else that could be cast.

Maybe I'll let everyone else watch it so if it sucks, I'll avoid it and re-read the book, instead.

scamorama said...

Who'd have guessed that those lost teen years spent whacking-the-wire were actually a period of revolt.

Well, it WAS the 60's...

jareth said...

I liked Civic Beauties, but I havent read this one.