Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Why Jordan Catalano, why? She is so skeezy and icky and slutty, and there you are, last night, making out with the skanky Paris Hilton. You are now not-so-dreamy.
Oh, and your band sucks.



Hawaiian said...

"Does Wayne Brady have to choke a bitch?" Chapelle Show

He is fighting for his life hands to the throat! Dude she is not worth it!

Seumas said...

No idea who that guy is, but he looks as greasy and icky and unclean as Paris does.

Shovelhead said...

I think she's checking his chest to see if the battery compartment door is snapped shut.

Wonder if he gets hair hair done at Quick-Lube?

Yuck to the 10th!

Lish said...

I used to like Jared Leto. I also used to like a man in eyeliner. Now, they both skeeze me out, thanks to him.

Amazingly, I had come to this conclusion before seeing his face attached to that whore. I am now confident that my decision to be disgusted by him is just.