Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Don't forget.

Tomorrow. ABC. 8PM. Season 4.
Here's a cheat sheet for the episode tomorrow so you can get all caught up...

I guess that the final episode of Season 3 is playing tonight as well. Woo!

p.s. If you want to find out more about the show head to


stevobar said...

Now if you can get me interested in watching this show, I'll know you are a true svengali, and should start your own religion...

How about Dylanism. or the Sarahites?

jareth said...

She's already an angel she doesn't need a religion.

gay bob said...

jareth, do I hear massive sucking sounds? I do, I do.

Our dear Sarah is just another one of us who needs to get a life. Keeping geeks amused is hardly a life.

Seumas said...

The only reason I ever liked the show was because John Locke (the guy from X-Files and Millenium) is a bad ass and I loved his character. I seem to recall him dying, after which I stopped watching.

I've started the series over again and am almost finished with the first season. I figure that by the time I've watched the first three seasons, there will be enough of the fourth season available on bit torrent that I can watch it all in a sitting or two.

I remain skeptical about Lost supposedly not sucking (it seemed to be heading in that direction last I saw), but in my experience, Sarah's taste in entertainment has rarely steered me wrong. So due to her enthusiasm alone, I plunge yet again head-long into Lost and hope that it pays off.

Sarah X Dylan said...

Locke is still very much alive, and very much a part of the show :)

Seumas said...

Awesome! He was the only character that never bored me or frustrated me. I don't remember exactly where I left off, but it was some time around the bunker lock down, the hospital thing, findind the french chick, walt coming back from wherever and the whole vague connecting strands of the characters from off the island starting to happen.

I think I'll do a Lost marathon on Sunday, while all of my colleagues are busy watching football!

jareth said...

I switched liking different character through out the show.
That Locke episode with him in the chair got me in, though through the show, I'm now invested in the Desmond character and his story. It's brilliant that its such a simple formula of telling backstory through flashback each episode, that usally applies and drives the current story.

Good show, a little muttled at times, it will be interesting what they will do this final season and tie up the loose strings and create more mental paradoxes for the viewer.

Seumas said...

I think I'm way behind, because I don't remember a "Desmond". And I don't remember any chair thing with locke (unless you mean his wheel chair in the flashbacks?).

A lot of people compared Heroes to Lost, but "with more direction and a real plot". Unfortunately, the writer's strike resulted in the producers freaking out and "ending" the season in the middle of the plot with a really stupid "and then everything was saved - the end" resolution... So for quirky, keep-em-guessing plots, I think I'm going to have to return to Lost after all.

PS: I miss Jericho, damn it.

jareth said...

heroes was great the first season,but the second season is a mess. Even the season creator hates the second season. I highly recommend battlestar it is amazing story writing if you ignore the scifi stuff.

Series I recommend
- battlestar

Comedy series I recommend.
-Alan Partridge (Brilliant series,so amazing, just ignore the laugh track)
-Extras (Second season is much better)

Seumas said...

I have been wondering if Rick has watched all of BSG yet. My favorite part of the entire series so far is the part involving Saul and his wife. It is so unforgiving brutal and depressing and horrifying and sad.

Even I got kind of a lump in my throat when he stepped off the ship after everyone was rescued from the cylons and Odama says something like "it's good to have everyone back"... and Saul -- trying to stifle it all down inside, bites his lip and lets a painful "not everyone".

That single moment made the whole damn series worthwhile.

It'll be sad to see it end this year. And even worse, The Shield shortly after that. And The Wire. Three of the best shows on television in a decade ending at the same time. Damn it.

jareth said...

Yeah I need to finish the shield, I'm three seasons in.
and the Wire, i heard is pretty good and is on my netflix. I'm second season in today on deadwood and that is a pot of fried gold.

BSG is great, though when they made that new caprica jump a couple years (season 2 or 3) was extremely daring in story. Just amazing
I had a hard time with "the song" at the last seasons finale, a huge logical jump, though I'm such a dork I rewatched it two times and really love it. Just brilliant and groundbreaking writing in mythos story.

Best dialogue is still anything Aaron Sorkin does, but story wise BSG is fuckin brilliant.

Damn WGA and studios, cranky greedy children. Though it's great to catch up for these past years.

Seumas said...

When you say the song part, do you mean the part where they all (including Saul) follow the song they're hearing and wind up encountering each other in a room and questioning whether they're really.... them?

Or am I missing a part?

I probably need to rewatch everything again. A decade ago, you could count on when shows would be one.. it's been so long since the last season of BSG...

jareth said...

yes, correct. the song written by someone ms.dylan would like to sleep with.

Just blew my mind, It would be like playing that song on starwars. Just not even in the same worlds. Really well done. It holds up better after repeated viewings. That end episode was alot better than that haistily put together peagusus tv mini movie.

Wow I'm a huge dork.

Seumas said...

Sarah wants to sleep with Mick Jagger?!

Maybe I've forgotten what the song was.

Because... that is an icky thought.

Man, I was watching The Shield while I was falling asleep and all it did was made me so much more anxious for the final season to come back.. WHENEVER THE HELL THAT IS! :)

Seumas said...

Oh, it was Dylan's All Along the Watch Tower, wasn't it?

That's still... ick. ick.

Shovelhead said...


Six double martinis and a vicoden


Which two things in life cause brain damage and put you to sleep in 3.2 seconds?