Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Brad Renfro, the former child actor who starred in movies like The Client, Sleepers, and Apt Pupil, was found dead at a Los Angeles apartment on Tuesday. No cause of death has been announced, but the 25-year-old Tennessee native had struggled with substance abuse problems in recent years, including an arrest for heroin possession in 2005.

After rising to fame acting opposite Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones in the 1994 John Grisham adaptation The Client, Renfro worked steadily for a decade, including a stint as Huck Finn in Disney's 1995 feature Tom and Huck. More recently, he appeared in the independent films Bully and Ghost World, and he has a part in the upcoming adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' The Informers.


...If you've never seen Apt Pupil you should check it out... It is totally disturbing and pretty messed up, but an interesting film nonetheless. Find out more info about it here

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Seumas said...

Oh, THAT'S who he was. That was a great movie. I heard last night that he died and was like "oh no, Brad Renfro died... wait - who?".

Sounds like he was kind of a douche, though. Good thing he offed himself before he took a car load of teenagers while in a coked-up frenzy.