Friday, January 04, 2008

Britney's assistant had to break down the bathroom door as Britney refused to come out, harboring a bottle of vodka and one of her children inside!!

Britney Spears’ assistant Alli Sims had to use brute force to pry the singer out of the bathroom where she had barricaded herself with son Jayden James late last night.

The drama began earlier that day at the child custody deposition, which distressed the star so much that she allegedly began drinking vodka as soon as she got home. The court-appointed monitor and Sims were with Britney at her Mulholland Drive home, trying to calm her down, but as Britney’s emotional state worsened she locked herself inside the master suite bathroom. Eventually, Sims used a hammer to break the door down and then called emergency services.

The police arrived at 8:30 p.m. after Britney reportedly refused to hand over her two sons to Kevin Federline's bodyguard.

Another factor in the meltdown? A source tells that Britney had recently “freaked out” on Kevin after hearing reports that he’d been flirting with her frenemy Paris Hilton.

“She is mad that he would get involved with her ‘so called’ friend,” says the source. “Kevin told her that Paris hit on him, but she did not believe him.”



Seumas said...

Britney as your mom. Kevin as your dad. Paris as your step-mom. That would fucking suck ass.

I bet there was more than vodka in that bathroom. I bet they were concerned (and probably rightfully so) that she was going to combine the vodka with something from the medicine cabinet for a final exit.

Damn it . . . if only the door had been made of solid oak and held up a few more minutes.

stevobar said...

Goddamn, Seumas... You are one prolific blogger today..a bit verbous, perhaps, but entertaining nonetheless...have you been hittin the Viso Energy?

Seumas said...

Heh. Yeah, sorry. Sarah sort of hits my particular niche, which is being a total cockface and verbally assaulting every aspect of people I don't personally know in any manner whatsoever. :)