Thursday, January 31, 2008

Britney Spears could be an involuntary mental institution candidate. Wow.

"Sources at UCLA Medical Center tell TMZ Britney Spears has been classified as "G.D." - Greatly Disabled. That is a huge and dangerous deal. That means the patient is unable to take care of basic needs, such as the acquisition of food, clothing or shelter. Being G.D. is one of the criteria for involuntary commitment.

Several health care professionals tell us Britney has fallen into a "manic state" due to her bipolar disorder. We're also told, she arrived at the hospital this morning at around 2:15 AM but wasn't admitted until 4:15 AM, because she was causing such a scene in the hospital. 

We first reported that Britney accused her mother of sleeping with her boyfriend. Now we have more. We're told Britney screamed,
"the only reason she's admitting me is because she wants to be alone with her boyfriend! She wants to sleep with my boyfriend!!" Britney never said exactly who she was talking about." 

This is getting nuttier than I ever thought.  It just never ends, eh?


Seumas said...

The other hospital is full of incompetent idiots for letting her out of there in under 48 hours the first time.

If she even stays through the weekend, then this is going to be a very serious ordeal for her and she won't be playing anymore of her bullshit games where she gets out of the hospital and immediately tries to pick up children she doesn't know at elementary schools.

What pisses me off about that is that if she was anyone else and most certainly if she were a man, she wouldn't have gotten the lax treatment she already had earlier around xmas. Can you imagine how fast the cops would be on your ass if your name was John Spears and you got out of the psyche ward after holding your children hostage with a gun and immediately tried to pick up a car full of third graders at the local school?

I am conflicted, though. On one hand I don't want to see the spoiled little nutball getting out of the hospital in two days to go shopping for a thong and an E-P-T at the local Rite-AID, but I also don't want to see her stay locked up. As great as it is to think of her being held against her will, the longer she is kept under supervision and put into programs, the more likely she is to recover and then I won't really have any source for the juiciest entertainment I can find any given week.

born to wander said...

Don't you feel just a lil bit sorry for Britney? Wait! before you say *she's just getting a taste of reality*, think about it, she's being involuntarily sent to the loony bin! Her friends obviously AREN'T, her kids have been taken away! and she's looking as haggered as a street person! Going to the nut house is more than I'd wish on any living person, very harsh, YET she has so dam much money..i'm sure she'll recover quickly..I'm fairly certain even Britney doesn't deserve this latest turn, is very sad.

scamorama said...

Is Britney channeling Francis Farmer?

Here's hoping she doesn't go down THAT road. Even she doesn't deserve that.

Seumas said...

I'm pretty sure that if Britney is crazy, then she most certainly does deserve to go to the nut-house. That's what mental institutions are for.

And, even in there, she will be treated like Britney spears. Not one of those unfortunate chicks from Girl, Interrupted.

Being forcibly institutionalized when you make a million dollars a month simply means being no more crazy than you were on the outside, except without the cameras and paparazzi swarming you and no chance of putting yourself or innocent people in harm's way.

I want to keep being entertained, but if she goes through with all the stuff and gets sane and acknowledges the weird fucking several years she's gone through, I might start to turn just a tiny bit more in her favor. But she ain't nowhere near that point, yet.

scamorama said...

going into a facility is one thing; getting the insulin shock/electroshock/lobotomy treatment is something else.

That's what I meant by my comment.

If she ends up in a real treatment facility, instead of one of the goddamn country clubs the Hollywood types favor, she might come out alright.

We'll still have her sister...

jareth said...

I wonder if Dr. Phil will try to get back into this game,now that she's at the hospital.

I just pray she has a nurse ratchet.

Seumas said...

I'm going to guess that neither Sinai nor UCLA use shock-treatment. I have no basis for that statement, but I would be surprised if they resorted to that sort of primitive method. And certainly not a lobotomy . . . (which would be fantastically hilarious until I realized I'd gone a step to far about ten seconds later).

Anyway, I am watching cable news right this very moment and the headline at the bottom of the screen is this:


Good grief.

jareth said...

I love the fox news....they have her pic on the right lower part of the frame and a scrolling sign that says COMMITED, in glowing gold text. Wow i see why I never watch

Mykie said...

I want to know how all this stuff gets out! I thought UCLA put a gag order on it's staff? Either Loser Lufti is passing info, the family is, or Enabler Adnan must be. I guess if she's screaming it could be another patient, but still...

Mykie said...

Born to Wander, yes, I do feel sorry for her, BUT, not for the reasons you do. This episode is her own doing. She's been offered help lots of times and rejected it. If in fact she's a lunatic, this has been going on for a while and it took something THIS drastic for the family to step in? I don't buy it.

I feel sorry for her because she never got the chance just to be a kid and have fun. I may not have been famous, but I loved my childhood! I have friends I've had my whole life, I know who I can and can't trust, and I know my family isn't trying to sponge off me. THAT would make anyone nuts. LOL

Joe said...

Anyone else thirsty for a Slurpee?

Mykie said...

joe, you're a sick, sick man.

Joe said...

All I know is that I continue to love this woman more and more.

She's just misunderstood.

Besides, don't you know that the crazy ones are the best in bed?

--a different joe

gay bob said...

joe may be sick, sick, but that reference was so disgusting that I couldn't help but laugh, then puke. Keep up the good work.

Seumas said...
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Seumas said...

Mykie, I agree that her family and employees (managers, personal assistants, etc) couldn't have been oblivious to her condition all this time and I'm sure they weren't an example of great parenting at any point in their life whatsoever.

However, I can't buy into the idea some people put forward about how she had no childhood because she was an entertainer and how that makes life so impossible. I'm sure it has its difficulties, but come on...

...plenty of people didn't have a childhood. Some of them spent their childhood being beaten or molested at home. Some spent their childhood being raised on the streets. I can't even imagine what other terrible childhoods there might be. And if those people can turn out to be sane, productive, good people - then I have no particular sympathy that poor little Britney "missed her childhood" and instead of spending it being abused and picked on and teased and moving from sofa to sofa as her parents tried to pay the bills , had to spend it being famous and rich and making tens of millions of dollars and being worshiped and adored by the time she could legally smoke.

scamorama said...

Well said, seumas.

She didn't "miss her childhood"; she hasn't left it!

Helped along, of course, by a pack of leeches and parasites who can always look the other way...until her behavior becomes inconvenient, that is.

Maybe she won't leave the hospital.

gay bob said...

seumas, usually your comments are so well thought out that I hesitate to disagree with you, however, I have known a number of performers who didn't have childhood's, and if they are socially capable of eating with a fork, they're doing really well. Secondly those other people with lost childhood's you describe, street wretch's, sexually abused, etc., "do not" grow up to be sane, productive people, they just don't have the spotlight on them. Just because she had/has a lot of money doesn't mean she wasn't "abused." See Michael Jackson.

stevobar said...

Well, I'm back, and as they say, full of piss and vinegar.

First,I think we can now agree that Brit is clinically wacko. We can debate the reasons behind her decline all day long, but she is in the most vulnerable age group for bi-polar (used to be schizophrenic) breaks, and I think that may be the case here...she has a strong genetic proclivity to this condition ( from what I've heard). I have personally known people who have had similar psychotic breaks, and they exhibited many of the same symptoms we are seeing in Brit.( Self medication with booze and street durgs, erratic behaviour, loss of interest in personal hygiene, etc.)

Some folks can recover with proper medication...others, unfortunately do not get better, while some choose to end it all rather than face this condition...

I used to be a Brit hater, but i think I've changed my mind...while we all agree that she is a spoiled brat and terrible mother, I don't think we'd be making fun of her if we learned she had terminal cancer...mental illness is just that - a disease.

Why don't we all redirect our attention to another celeb who is annoying us? I'll start the voting with Elizabeth Hasselbeck....that twat makes me wanna hurl...

Seumas said...

Some with shitty childhoods don't fare well, but most don't end up substance abusers, child abusers, criminals or mental patients, either. It may increase potential for certain patterns, but a genetic or familial predilection doesn't mean your fate is sealed and you have no choices.

Reducing people's problems to the product of forces they supposedly have no control over does a disservice to those with similar backgrounds who have the fortitude, wisdom and judgment to avoid those pitfalls and lead normal, unaffected, productive lives.

I can not accept that a horrible childhood of playing pretend on TV and singing on a stage for massive cash is as detrimental and terrible as a childhood of being beaten or being molested or being attacked and teased in school or having crackhead parents or alcoholic parents or any other truly messed up situations.

Look at Danny Bonaduci. He admits he's a fuckup. He admits it had a bit to do with his personality developed through his young successes. He also wouldn't trade any of it and accepts personal responsibility for it. When it comes down to it, your hangups as a child star can't measure-up to the real travails of every day people. And certainly not in the rare exceptions like Britney where not only hasn't everyone stolen your money and left you broke, but you're a multi-millionaire countless times over.

I can certainly except the hostage situation and lack of hygiene of late as the result of a properly diagnosed mental disorder, but that doesn't account for everything else, unless people want to argue that her entire existence now and before has always been an uncontrollable product of such a disorder and/or her childhood and family.

I agree that her family contribute to her problems and her selfish outlook on life. I agree that a mental disorder could account for a lot of recent incidents. I agree that letting a crazy person who held a child hostage go free after 48 hours is the fault of general celebrity and government. But I do not agree that she is a victim. I don't agree that he choices aren't her own. I don't agree that someone with a hundred million dollars and absolute fame is merely walking meat-sack living out some existence pre-determined by these other forces in her life.

scamorama said...

Yes, she has made "her own choices", and no one around her has had the balls to say "NO", or, at least, "Do you want to reconsider that?".

As long as the gravy train runs, they won't either.

Want to bet the words "Power of Attorney" haven't come out of her mother's mouth recently?

I'll agree with you, seumas, that people really can't point to events in their pasts and use them to justify their present behavior. I once heard a member of ACOA say, "I'm a loser because my Dad drinks." My reply was, "No, your Dad drinks because you're a loser." My point was (and is) that once a person is aware of past influences, he can no longer use them as an excuse. To do so is to wallow in victimhood -- and I have no use for "professional victims".

Mykie said...

Oh no Seumas, you misunderstand me. I'm not saying she had NO childhood, I'm just saying that she was forced to grow up very quickly and what childhood she DID have was completely skewed from what is considered "normal", and scam is right, she never really DID leave it, because she wasn't required to grow up. I mean hell, if I had all that money and people catering to my every whim and NO ONE in my life telling me to "take it easy, slow down, you're doing too much too soon" then HOT DAMN i'd have been partying too.

You are so right, it certainly isn't an excuse, but more of an explanation. You mention others that grew up in abusive homes, sexually, drugs etc. And still towered above it all to become succesful. THAT comes down to character. That's just something you HAVE not something you learn. Some people have stronger souls than others (I'm not meaning to get metaphysical here but it's true!) and while two people, presented with identical situations will choose completely different paths (ie. Britney/The Olsen twins) that comes down to their soul and their mind. Britney so obviously is out of her mind, it's scary.

Maybe Britney's troubles don't seem big to you, but I would venture to guess you didn't grow up with the same pressures she had. Yes, we can look from the outside at ANY celebrity and say "Oh, they can't have problems, LOOK at what they have!" But in reality, I don't think that unless you live in it you can say that growing up that way must have been awesome.

I'm truly not trying to make excuses for her, she's worthless, and I don't think she WANTS to get better. I just think that she makes a great example for our society on how we shouldn't teach our kids to grow up worshiping these music idols. We should put more emphasis on people like Abe Lincoln, George Washington, MLK people that benefit society. I mean let me ask you, if Britney had never existed would this country have been much different?

Sorry I got so philosophical there. LOL

Mykie said...

steveo - if no one else will, I'll say it, I agree with you. I feel such empathy and pity for her. I'd rather discuss Rosie, after all she IS the most annoying celebrity of 2007!

Seumas said...

I think we're talking about four issues here that may confuse all of us. By which I mean, everyone discussing this around every water cooler and on every television show on the planet.

Since my brain is all fuzzy and I'm trying to avoid doing any real work whatsoever today, I will delve into this with excruciating detail; hoping Sarah won't kill me (hey it's totally on topic and better than more vaginal discharge comments!).

Mental Illness
Society has largely deemed that you are not responsible for things your severe mental illness makes you do. Assuming her illness got progressively worse, that means that the further you go in the past, the more directly responsible she is for everything. She has been doing crazy shit for more than just the last three months.

Substance Abuse
Whatever elements of your life drove you to addiction, it required an active choice on your part to initiate the addiction. Once you are addicted, society (and especially those close to addicts) generally agree that you are responsible for your decisions and drugs don't excuse you stealing your mom's silverware and pawning it for drugs. We also generally agree hat once the addiction has you in its grips, you are significantly influenced and controlled by it. So while you're responsible, you're also "a completely different person".

"Experts" in the media use this a lot. Many people have shitty childhoods and while they may explain one's increased chance of falling into one trap or another, the fact that so many other people with similar childhoods turn out fine minimizes another person's attempt to blame their choices on.

We Hate Britney
In general, a lot of us simply don't like Britney and wouldn't even give a damn if she hadn't been so absurd and entertaining the last five years or so. She's a spoiled, vacuous, self-involved waste of oxygen. The only value she has for me is entertainment. Period.

Drugs just make her a junkie. Blaming her childhood (which I don't think she has) makes her a whiny emo kid.

The only thing to seriously consider is mental illness, if it is so diagnosed. Even then, only where and when it has been applicable.

I disliked Britney in 2007. And 2006. 2005. 2004, etc. The only value she's offered me is entertainment in the form of absurdest social celebrity commentary. There's nothing that says we can only be entertained by an entertainer when they're actually on a stage performing. What she else elsewhere is greatly entertaining, too.

More importantly, I won't be one of those people who feels sorry for her and changes my tune, just because she has a mental illness. Mental illness sucks balls. Sorry 'bout that. She was a vapid, self-absorbed, useless twat before. Now she'll be a vapid, self-absorbed, useless twat... with a mental disorder.

So don't take anything I say as an example of how I (or others) are heartless, mean, hateful, insensitive bastards. I care very much that people suffer all sorts of illnesses and tragedies in the world. I'd feel horrible if Anderson Cooper had MD. It breaks my heart that my former boss has a terminal illness. It breaks my heart that there are hospitals full of cancer kids that never did anything to anybody and it breaks my heart that there are kids being abused and neglected on a daily basis in this country.

HOWEVER, if you're an asshole and you get cancer... You're not suddenly a good guy. You're just an asshole with cancer. I am sorry you have cancer. I still hate you for being an asshole.

So I don't hate britney for being ill. I hate britney. And she's ill. But the illness has provided some entertainment.

Seumas said...
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Shovelhead said...

Born to Wander - NO!

I feel sorry for all of us when Brits finally pulls her Anna Nichole Smith on us; which could be any day now.

Where else can we go to see a self-inflicted, comedic train-wreck of this proportion? A thousand SNL writers on their best days could not make up the stuff Brits does on a weekly basis; or when a Heath Ledger has the nerve to knock her off the tabloid front pages for a few days.

My only regret is that she's already reproduced therefore archived her genes in the human DNA pool.

Rob W. said...

"My name is Britney Spears, Millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht."


"My name is Britney Spears, Millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht."


Seumas said...

rob wins

stevobar said...

Seumas - . Excellent synopsis of the Brit situation as it now stands...I can't disagree with anything you wrote, and your point about someone being an asshole before they get sick doesn't give absolve them for their behaviour prior to the diagnosis...however, in the case of mental illness, it just might have been a contributinf factor.

Now, back to my suggestion that we hunt down new targets for our collective far, we've served up Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie...c'mon people, let's get busy about that dickbag Bill O'Reily? Maybe that's just too easy...this needs to be an apolitical target, which probably eliminates Rosie too.

Suggestions, anyone?

Joe said...

Hmmm... well, let's see.

I would be lying if I said I will ever get sick of Michael Jackson's exploits...

My vote's for Michael!

scamorama said...

Okay, stevobar, how about the entire Baldwin family? Lots to dislike there.

Or everyone on The View?

BTW, Brit's Dad now has Power of Attorney, so maybe some of this mess will get straightened out.

stevobar said...

Well, that won't work for me, 'cause I think Alec is great on 30 Rock, and just because he yelled at his daughter, don't think for a minute that Kim Basinger isn't a manipulative angry, vindictive cunt...The other Baldwins have their own issues, but none that really interest me ( one is a druggy, the other is all jesusy)

I can't stand watching The View, which is understandable 'cause I don't fit their demographic (women ages 26-54)so other than the fact that Elizabeth Hasselbeck smells like tuna, I can't really offer any insight on this group.

But thanks for the effort, Scamorama...let's keep trying!!!

scamorama said...

How about the New York Giants, then?

Seumas said...

Making fun of anyone but Britney at this point is like attacking Iraq after 19 Saudis bomb you.

stevobar said...