Friday, January 18, 2008

As long as it's important enough for the Scientologists to keep taking it down, I'm going to keep posting it.

p.s. Tom Cruise wants you to die, "S.P.'s".



Seumas said...

The author of the new Tom Cruise book flat-out states that Cruise and scientologists view psychiatrists as evil (not to mention, their absolute competition) and that if they eventually had control of things "SPs" would be rounded up concentration camp style -- at the very least.

By the way, the whole "L Ron Hubbard returning from the dead" thing is real. He was supposed to return 20 years after his death, which would have been 2006. They actually built him a mansion for him to live in, that still exists.

I really do admire Hubbard. I've often contemplated the possibility of starting my own cult or religion. It seems like it would be more difficult today than ever before, but perhaps not. People are really malleable.

Vince said...

That's really creepy....

Someone gave Tom's brain a lengthy ride in the washing machine.

Hubbard would be laughing his ass off right about now.

gay bob said...

You Go Girl!

Hubbard was nothing more, or less, than a science fiction writer.

Consider this, the Mormon religion was founded by a 16 year old boy, who suffered from massive hallucinations, and they, not the scientologists, are the one true religion. (ex mormon here)

jareth said...

I feel like Tom is in his own Le petite trinon similar to Marie Antonette. His own protected world made for him to play around with manipulating the outside worlds truth.

I admire the level to put this mindset together, but annoyed how docile others are. I see that he truly believes. Though what's so wrong with any religion or theory with questioning it's own validity?

Very disturbing. I'll stick with longtime brainwashing catholicism.

Joe said...

"He was supposed to return 20 years after his death, which would have been 2006"

Really? Wasn't that about the same time Suri was born?

Also, wasn't there some speculation that the Cruises used some of LRH's DNA to inseminate young Katie?

Or am I just now putting together what everybody else figured out a long time ago?

stevobar said...

I think what Tom means by KSW is Keep Sucking Weenies...that's his way to Keep Scientology Working.

(Sorry gay bob)

gay bob said...

totally no need to apologise stevobar. Made me laugh. So Tom needs to ask himself, "does this dick in my mouth, make me look gay?"