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Britney Spears loses custody of her children. Kevin Federline is awarded full custody. Shit hits fan.

TMZ is the first to report that:  

Britney's visitation has been "suspended pending further order of the Court." The order is in effect until January 14. There will then be a hearing to determine where the case goes.

You can check out the court document here

Well, she finally did it - she succeeded in making sure that her children are no longer a part of her life.  Reports are saying that she might be bi-polar, but we'll just have to wait and see...

I think this is needed today.

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Britney's assistant had to break down the bathroom door as Britney refused to come out, harboring a bottle of vodka and one of her children inside!!

Britney Spears’ assistant Alli Sims had to use brute force to pry the singer out of the bathroom where she had barricaded herself with son Jayden James late last night.

The drama began earlier that day at the child custody deposition, which distressed the star so much that she allegedly began drinking vodka as soon as she got home. The court-appointed monitor and Sims were with Britney at her Mulholland Drive home, trying to calm her down, but as Britney’s emotional state worsened she locked herself inside the master suite bathroom. Eventually, Sims used a hammer to break the door down and then called emergency services.

The police arrived at 8:30 p.m. after Britney reportedly refused to hand over her two sons to Kevin Federline's bodyguard.

Another factor in the meltdown? A source tells that Britney had recently “freaked out” on Kevin after hearing reports that he’d been flirting with her frenemy Paris Hilton.

“She is mad that he would get involved with her ‘so called’ friend,” says the source. “Kevin told her that Paris hit on him, but she did not believe him.”


A year in crazy: Britney Spears 2007 - 2008

I’ve been thinking about all of the fabulous news stories that Britney has given us throughout the past year, so I figured I’d compile all of the crazy into one big pile for us all to enjoy. We tend to forget all of Britney's past troubles, so let's look back on them now, shall we?

Here are some of the highlights from the past year:



2/14: Britney checks into Crossroads Rehab center, checks out a day later.

2/16: Britney shaves her head.

2/20: Britney checks into Promises Malibu Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Facility; checks out less than 24 hours later.

2/21: Britney attacks a paparazzo’s car with an umbrella, hilarity ensues.

2/22: Britney checks back into Promises .

3/20: Britney leaves rehab, supposedly ‘rehabilitated’.

4/16: Britney fires her manager.

5/17: Bodyguard fired after he claims he was witness to "nudity, drug use and safety issues" involving Britney and her kids.

6/20: Britney's publicist resigns.

7/26: Britney takes the kids out of state to Las Vegas (illegally), only to have Kevin Federline have her and kids ordered back to California.

7/30: The divorce is finally made official.

8/6: Britney crashes into a parked car, has no California driver’s license, and flees the scene.

9/9: Britney performs at the MTV Video Music Awards, and completely humiliates herself and any of her fans who still believed in her.

9/17: Britney ordered to do random drug testing, counseling and parenting classes as custody agreements are discussed.

9/18: Britney leaves her entire management team and changes lawyers – for the second time.

9/21: Britney is charged with a hit and run and driving without a license; still photographed driving with children in car with her.

10/1: Britney ordered to turn over her children to Kevin Federline by October 3rd for temporary custody, suicide watch begins.

10/11: Britney gets one monitored overnight visit per week with her kids after passing her first week of drug testing.

10/16: Britney heads to jail to serve 45 minutes of time for a couple of traffic offenses.

10/18: Britney loses custody of kids due to lack of cooperating with judge-ordered random drug testing.

10/21: Britney regains visitation rights with her children, starts parenting therapy sessions with Kevin.

10/30: Britney loses custody of her children.

11/9: Britney runs a red light and then makes an illegal turn against oncoming traffic, with her two kids in the car, paparazzi record the incident.

11/16: A judge rules that Britney will not be allowed to drive with her children in the car.

12/12: Britney’s sister, 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears, announces that she's pregnant, Britney does not show up for child-custody deposition claiming she is too “ill” to come in; she is photographed out partying that same night.

12/18: Judge orders Kevin Federline to continue retaining primary custody of the children.

12/31: Kevin Federline seen spending New Years with Paris Hilton.


1/1: Britney spends night with married paparazzo in fancy hotel.

1/2: She reportedly announces that she’s dating said paparazzo, dropped by lawyer.

1/3: Britney shows up 2 hours late to child custody deposition; hours later holds her child hostage in bathroom; police are called, Britney is strapped to and wheeled out on gurney; reportedly on un-named drugs & acting crazy.

1/4: Britney in suicide-watch lockdown in hospital, may lose all child visitation.


I think that in the light of the new year, we must all thank our lucky stars for someone as entertaining as Miss Britney Spears. To be honest, I don’t care if you think I’m being heartless, because, as you can see from the timeline, she doesn’t give a shit about a) her kids or b) herself. So why should we care? This girl doesn’t care about us, and she most certainly care about those around her who try to help her, let alone the little people she brought into this world and is supposed to care about. Geez.

Enjoy the look back!

source & source & source

Yes, it is definitely one of those days.

Here is the timeline from OK! Magazine (thanks again, Squid):

Britney Hospitalized After Police Standoff

(Hot Shots Worldwide/Splash News)

Police cars, ambulances and firetrucks with sirens blazing, helicopters hovering above — it was a scene straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster Thursday night as Britney Spears and her infant hid from the authorities inside her Beverly Hills home.

"It looked like a hostage situation," one witness told OK! at the time.

So how did this all happen? OK! retraces her steps.

11:32 a.m.:
Britney, in a bright fuschia halter dress and heels, arrives over 90 minutes late to her final chance to give a court-ordered deposition in her custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline. She is only able to be deposed for approximately 14 minutes.

12:20 p.m.: Brit arrives back home at her gated community, The Summit. Her sons are there for their scheduled visit, as is a court-appointed monitor.

7 p.m.: K-Fed's security team arrives to pick up boys Sean Preston and Jayden James and bring them back to their father's house. When there is a delay in releasing the boys, Britney's assistant, Carla, makes excuses for the pop star. However, it soon becomes clear that there is a problem.

At some point, 2-year-old Sean Preston is removed from the house, leaving only little Jayden inside with his mother.

8 p.m.: The police are notified of a custodial situation at Britney's house and officers are dispatched to The Summit. But when they arrive, they find that the court-appointed monitor, who has been locked out of the house, is not in possession of the paperwork required to allow them to enter Britney's house.

9:20 p.m.: K-Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan arrives at The Summit with the required paperwork. He and five police cars enter the gated community and drive up to Britney's house.

10:30 p.m.: More than a dozen police officers, as well as two ambulances and a handful of fire rescue trucks are now on the scene. Sometime before 11 p.m., Britney's cousin Alli and Brit's assistant Carla leave the house, leaving Brit alone with Jayden James.

11:45 p.m.: Britney is taken out of her home strapped to a gurney and placed into an ambulance, which is escorted by 13 police cars with sirens blaring to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, arriving at approximately 12:30 a.m. Jayden is brought to the hospital in a separate vehicle.

(video courtesy of

Police officers are inside the ambulance with Britney during the ride to the hospital. While nothing official has been stated on the topic, this is generally a sign that the patient is considered to be in police custody.

"We are concerned about her mental state and believe she may be under the influence," an LAPD officer revealed to OK! at the time of Brit's arrival at Cedars-Sinai.

Britney, who had been sobbing when taken from her home, appears distant and erratic as she is escorted out of the ambulance and into the hospital. "Her eyes were like pinholes," another witness recalls to OK!.

Already waiting at the hospital's emergency room is K-Fed and his lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, who tells OK!, "I actually don't know what is going on."

Britney's pal Sam Lutfi followed the ambulance to the hospital and was initially denied entrance to see his troubled friend.

There is no sign of Britney's newest boy-toy, photographer Adnan Ghalib.

1:15 a.m.: A surprise guest arrives — Britney's estranged father Jamie Spears. The two had not seen each other in at least eight months. It is unknown as of now whether or not Britney's mother Lynne, pregnant sister Jamie Lynn or brother Brian are on their way to L.A.

For now, sources are telling OK! that the plan is to keep Britney under guarded observation for 24 hours and then book her for as-yet-unnamed offensives.

I cannot stress enough - WATCH THE VIDEO. She is completely out of it and nutso.


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Once again, congrats Rick! That is a huge deal, my friend. Woo!

...okay, more Britney....

...I can already tell it's going to be one of those days, Jesus. Here are a couple more pics courtesy of my buddy Aaron... man, this is just bonkers. Well, she is just bonkers. I guess there's a press conference scheduled with Kevin Federline and his lawyers regarding custody momentarily, I'll keep you posted.

source & source

..I just read on a blog that someone is calling this Britneygate 08. Genius!

holy shit.

Okay, so I was awoken by a couple of text messages from my dear friend Squid alerting me to the fact that BRITNEY SPEARS WAS TAKEN FROM HER HOUSE IN AN AMBULANCE AND ON DRUGS and HER KIDS WERE FORCIBLY TAKEN FROM HER AFTER SHE REFUSED TO GIVE THEM BACK TO KEVIN FEDERLINE. Sweet mother of god, this shit is getting ridiculous. Of course TMZ was there to cover it all, you should head to their site in the meantime to see the saga unfold. I am going back to bed, but here is a picture of crazy getting wheeled out of her house on a gurney. Holy god. Look at that crazy smile on her face in the second picture... bitch has lost it.


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Crappy quality but AWESOME 6-minute bank robbery trailer for the Dark Knight

Check it out before it disappears again! Thanks, Dave!


Happy new year everyone! Okay, I haven't had a chance to peruse my usual celebrity websites yes, but thanks to my buddies Squid & Dave I've discovered how I'm going to waste hours of my life... behold, the new LOST website. Super fuck yeah!!


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2007. A damn good year.

...let's relive some of the photographic highlights, shall we? Thanks for coming to visit my website throughout the year, I appreciate you all!

Greatest picture ever taken. Ever.

Happy new year!