Friday, December 07, 2007

Trailer for J.J. Abrams new film "Cloverfield"

I know, sorry, it's like it's movie trailer day, but we were just talking about this on the show and it looks awesome...


Seumas said...

I remember seeing a small fragment of this preview content a very long time ago and the first thing that concerned me is that it had better not be that fucking "shaky cam" crap throughout the entire movie.

Otherwise it looks promising. We need more end-of-the-world-ish flicks. They kind of went away after the millennium change didn't kill us.

stevobar said...

I'm with you seumas...seems like ever since The Blair Witch Project made a zillion dollars, this is the modern day equivalent of 40's film noir or the split screen of the 60's. Hell, even Spielberg is doing it now... Those styles, however do not enduce vertigo and nausea like the shaky cam... The latest "Bourne" movie is a great example-I nearly hurled during the fight scene toward the end..and I'm sure this style will not be looked back upon as groundbreaking or artistic..just more crap with money at the root of it's inspiration.

Seumas said...

I was going to compare it to The Blair Witch, but I couldn't remember the name of that movie. I really hated that movie before I even saw, it simply based on the idiotic attempt they made on the Sci-Fi channel to have a two hour "documentary" about it as if it was all real. I know people like Rick thought it was sweet sweet butter, but god damn.

THIS thing could possibly be good, if they either don't overuse the shaky-cam thing or (if the idea is that the entire thing is filmed by those experiencing it as it happens) if they make it a higher quality of film. Even consumer-end cameras have increased in quality significantly over the last decade. Unless you've got a $50 camcorder, chances are you would have that automated "anti-shake" feature.

It would suck if the camera work sucked, but the concept and story was awesome. You'd spend two whole hours thinking "this movie would be good if I didn't have to look at everything sideways and diagonally for two hours".

peekers said...

I hope it isnt Blair Witch meets Dawn of the Dead type filming genre...grrr
We dont need another snot close up combined with the scenes skip like the power is going on and off annoying type movie...
I will go see it 'cause I want to see who Lady Liberty's head

Aaron said...

I was one of the people that received a "found" copy of Blair Witch on VHS before the PR machine went into full ramp up mode. (Yes, I know I ended up being a part of said ramp up). However, when I first popped in my "bootleg" copy of Blair Witch, it was fucking HORRIFIC!!! (As one that spent a lot of time working with Clyde Lewis, you really do start to see shit in the shadows).

That was a long way to say that I have some hopes for Cloverfield. Plus, I love big ass monster movies. Having one shot by "survivors" is a cool idea. I am a tad bummed it isn't Cthulhu... Oh well, guess that means it is up to me.

On a semi-related note. I caught some bits of Diary of the Dead... GOOD stuff. Romero is still the man and shows how you CAN make a creepy film with a handi-cam.

Okay, back to my beer.

jareth said...

This would be great if this was shot in realtime
like the trailer promises.

Not a big lovecraft cthulha fan. Wish we don't see the monster. What you don't see, and the horrific aftermath always scares more than a monster.

Monster movies are great, but this pays to the what creeps in the shadows. So I hope they keep to that theme.