Friday, December 14, 2007

Shane McGowan... case you're listening to the show and don't know what picture we're referencing. To amuse yourself if you'd bored you can also google more images... the bad teeth just keep on coming.


Shovelhead said...

One of two possibilities:

1). Worst meth mouth ever.

2). Been seeing British dentisis.

jareth said...

3) He had three chiclets left and the dyslexic dentist put them in backwords with roots a showin.

4.) He asked the dentist for that unique picket fence look.

5). He was seeing british dentists and they instantly decided to give him revenge for 200 years of what the IRA did to the british.

6). God willed the scariest oral sex man ever.

7). He wanted to name each tooth independently.

8). He believes the tooth fairy is currently is in a flux of inflation and is giving away $10,ooo, a keg of guiness, and a low moraled brazillian woman for each tooth.............But alas he is wrong.

Todd W. said...

9). Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.


gay bob said...

One can only wonder where he's put his mouth, and how often.