Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quick! Quick!

This is absolutely NOT the six-minute trailer for the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight" that is only showing in IMAX theatres before I Am Legend (a really good movie, by the way).  You should absolutely NOT watch it and get so overwhelmingly excited for it to come out next summer and then show all of your friends.  I am a fucking nerd.

Quick, watch!!

Thanks, Ain't It Cool & Squid!


Seumas said...

Okay, okay. After that, I think I might actually be sold on the Joker not sucking ass. Damn that was sweet.

Aaron said...

This is such a massive stack of ass kickery!

The "regular" trailer is also online in gorgeous Quicktime! Damn, this is all kinds of awesome!

Shoot, even that BatPod thing looks good on the screen. And, as I predicted (take note Fatboy) Batman's suit looks fantastic in the movie!

Joe said...

Yeah, yeah - whatever. What a bunch of suckers! Nice, kind, lovable suckers... but suckers nonetheless!

How many freekin' Batman movies do we need, folks?! I know I'm not alone here...

I sure hope the next generation of film makers can actually produce something original...

Give me a break!

Also, I predict that the Cloverfield movie will greatly suck, as neat of an idea as it may be.

History will tell.

Seumas said...

With Christian Bale? We need as many of those as possible. The old Batman movies truly sucked ass, but I dig the dark, more "realistic" vision of Batman. The first one was great and I'm eager to see this one, now I'm finding myself less and less doubtful that this Joker is going to be completely dumb.

As for the Cloverfield... I agree. I fucking hate those "I shot it with my $50 camcorder" movies. Just the other night, I realized something, though...

This isn't quite that witch movie with those college kids and a nightvision camera. This is a big-budget film with great special effects. I have my doubts, but I am curious to see how that impacts the whole "shot by a person who just happened to be there" feel. Seeing some snot-nosed twat whine on a cheap consumer camera is one thing. Watching the statue of liberty get blasted from aliens or something and smash through skyscrapers as it tumbles to the streets of new york and everyone runs for their lives on a lower-end camera? *possibly* very cool.

Maybe still total ass. But... I'll at least check it out.

Joe said...

Yes, big-time sucker that I am, I too shall check both of these movies out, plus I am legend.

You got me.