Monday, December 31, 2007

2007. A damn good year.

...let's relive some of the photographic highlights, shall we? Thanks for coming to visit my website throughout the year, I appreciate you all!

Greatest picture ever taken. Ever.

Happy new year!


Lakeman said...

Thanks for year end recap. Love the Blog. Love the show

Have a great 2008

"Open Letter" Rob
(of the open letter to Scotty J)

Seumas said...

This really was a fantastic year and your blog has helped move each event along beautifully.

Don't forget to add "rick completely screwing over the special olympics", though.

Hope this coming year is even more absurd and fantastic!

scamorama said...

This blog is a consistent bright spot.
Love your perspective on things, Sarah!
Keep it coming!

gay bob said...

seumas, almost forgot about Rick screwing over the special olympics. Why don't we all hound him mercilessly, and remind him continually that he is a dirt bag.