Monday, November 26, 2007

Damn slow news day...

I'm still searching the internets for some good celebrity pictures, but in the meantime, if you'd like something to do, feel free to drop my buddy John a line to say hello. He just recently wrote me a lovely email about, well, actually, I'll just post it for you all for your enjoyment:

Dear Sarah,
Is it fun to be an am radio weirdo loser bitch
from Portland?

witch face
large sun glasses
bag your face

Well-spoken young man, isn't he?
I think he's a bit bored, so if you'd like to write him and say hello free to E-mail him @

...I know, I know it's juvenile, but come ON... it's kinda fun, no?


Randy in Minnesota said...

It seems like it would be fun to send him many, many photos of penises. Not that one should do would be wrong.

Seumas said...

That is the worst haiku, ever. The syllable measurements are totally off in both of them.

By the way, you can forward threatening or harassing emails to for violation of their terms of service, laid out below in the ATT Terms of Service

I'm normally against reporting someone to their ISP, but since I deal with a lot of threatening, harassing, stalking email from people who are clearly off their medications with regard to my website I make use of avenues for complaints very readily.

Randy in Minnesota said...

Sarah, remember that you have enemies.

Specific enemies.

I don't think this is a guy at all. Know what I mean?

Drinky, drive? ;-)

Seumas said...

Well spotted, Randy.

stevobar said...

What a douche..but I agree with Randy...this sounds like something another unnamed local female radio personality would crank out ...

But don't stop now...this may devolve into a full scale cat fight..I keep thinking of the scene you described that took place outside a late night hot dog stand on Hawthorne..."HEY BITCH" she slurred..Maybe you can get her to drink the cobra ginger brew!

Seumas said...

My haiku response:

If you're who we think you are:

anger displacement
you fail with your hatred
of A.M. hottie

very insecure
drunk driving F.M. bitch is
jealous of sarah

Any other haters:

don't hate the player
just because you are a dog
go join jenny craig

tiny little dick
could not stimulate a gnat
go gobble a cock

stevobar said...

Here's another one:

big butted girlie
constant inebriation
can you say rehab?

stevobar said...

By the way, sorry about the puctuation,seumas...since you apparently are a member of the haiku police force..:>)

gay bob said...

Randy in minnesota, how many pictures of penises do you think I should send?

stevobar said...
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